Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts, and General Knowledge

I am a person with too many Spice Girls lyrics in my head to memorize every little thing I learn about baking.  I have a feeling that I’m not the only person with that same problem, so I decided to make a page that I’ll update every so often as I come across something that I think needs a quick reference. Yes readers – I’m giving you everything, all that joy can bring, this I swear.

DIY Buttermilk:

Mix 1 tbsp of lemon juice or white vinegar with 1 cup of milk, and let stand for 10 minutes.  Adjust accordingly – 1/2 tbsp for 1/2 cup, 2 1/4 tbsp for 2 2/14 cup, etc.  I find this very helpful for baking because the recipes I use that require buttermilk are few and far between, and this prevents you from having to buy a quart of something you’ll use once.

Gluten-Free Conversion:

Use a 1:1 ratio if gluten allergy is the ONLY dietary restriction being dealt with in the recipe.  Use a gluten-free all-purpose flour, and add 1 tsp of xantham gum per cup of GF AP flour to replace the gluten and act as a binder.

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